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Press accreditation

Only the officially registered mass media have a right for journalists' accreditation as well as foreign mass media, which were accredited in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Accreditation of mass media journalists is conducted in the Press-center of the company MVK (pav. N1, 2) or at the registration desks.

Accreditation in the Press-center of the company MVK is conducted on presentation of editorial certificate or a letter from editorial office. For accreditation, you must mention:

Full name of mass media, circulation, periodicity, editorial office address, distribution region, post and e-mail address, phone and fax numbers of editorial office, full name of the journalist, represented for accreditation.

Accreditation of mass media representatives is also conducted by telephone. Dial the following phone numbers: (861) 200-12-65 or 200-12-94.

The badge "PRESS" is given on presentation of editorial certificate on the place of registration.

The badge gives a right for free enter into exhibition pavilions during all days of the exhibition. Entrance for mass media representatives to exhibition pavilions is with badges "PRESS" only.

Every journalist is responsible for the badge from the moment of its receiving.

Journalists accredited in the Press-center get all necessary conditions for professional work at efficient coverage of exhibition process:

  • Preliminary information about date, time and place of business events and exhibition;
  • Seats in the halls for business events (except "closed" meetings), i.e. briefings, press conferences;
  • All necessary informational materials;
  • Assistance in arranging individual meetings and talks with MVK employees, guests and participants of the exhibition.

Accreditation cannot guarantee the journalists that they will be invited to the business events during the visits of officials. Order of special journalists' registration in the case of Russian or foreign officials' presence is determined according to the Law of Russian Federation "About mass media", and according to the demands of services, responsible for preparation and conducting of this event.


Заявка на аккредитацию

Заявки на аккредитацию принимаются только от официально зарегистрированных СМИ. Для аккредитации на выставочные мероприятия компании MVK, пожалуйста, заполните форму заявки ниже.

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